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The day I got out

It’s a Fact

When the police in Canada frame you

for two counts first degree murder!

There is no lawyer, group,

association  (

or press who will


Be like me and defend yourself!

Robert Stewart\’s 16 minutes telling the press what was going on no press ever interviewed him again!

This website was created July 2003 by Douglas David Stewart who was chief engineer of all Canadian armed forces control towers until he retired at the age of 69 .

He started  this website after seeing the chart below. His words after seeing  it where “they are all crooks!”

Referring to the whole Ontario justice system!

It’s a simple mistake, the main witness who was paid over 500,00 dollars basically told his sister the Jan. 23, 1990 Ottawa Citizen article including the mistake of where the woman body  was found.  Covering up that “one” mistake has caused

“The longest and most cosily criminal trial in Canadian history”.

“Canada’s biggest wrongful conviction 64 years combine time”

“Canada’s biggest lawyers and police coverup!

The first 3 min. CTV National News Denis Gaudreault

This is a video drive of the main witness Denis Gaudreault 4 months after first contact. He suggested that he would go for the drive to see if he could find the house before he answered anymore questions. The house was shown on CTV Ottawa news. Denis uses the Ottawa Citizen. The Citizen had the wrong address 1330 when it was 1220 and a description of the house “it’s a yellow house that sits on a hill with 3 others”. Because it’s summer you can only see the house heading back towards Ottawa.  So at he wrong address he said “It’s around here somewhere” the van slows down. Further down the road (the 70 ft. where you see the yellow house) he said “It’s around here somewhere” this time the van stops. The camera veers toward the Laporte sign. Det. Lamarche has to go and make a phone call at a gas station while there Denis is confused so asks Det. Riddell “Am I going in the right direction?”  Det. Riddell who knows he is on video said “I’m not going to tell you” !!!                 Their case Denis Gaudreault is being coached!!!

1990-06-13 Denis video Drive OPP muder sceen – trimmed

Denis Gaudreault trying to find murder scene OPP video!

The Crown’s case “Denis Gaudreault” gets kicked off Witnesses Protection after he threatened to kill a neighbour for informing the police Denis had a grow op in his house. The police moved the neighbour but kicked Denis off the program. He had received over 400,000 dollars before this CTV interview.  After this interview the OPP and Ottawa crowns help Denis sue the province and Denis got over 100,000 to testify against Mallory and Stewart.

1997-06-08 Gaudreault CTV Interview

James Lockyer of wrote this letter to the Attorney General claiming my innocence                 05-13-1998

1998-05-13 Lockyer’s letter to the attorney general

Five years later I’m still in jail!!

I was told in jail that James Lockyer’s does not get  people out of jail, he takes over after someone else gets the person out!  James  job is:

“To make sure no one gets in trouble for a wrongful convictions they all get promoted”

The phone call two day before that caused this Memo.

Robert Stewart & James Lockyer’s Jr.

James has been Stewart’s appellate lawyer 4 years!!!!

James claimed he was waiting for trial transcripts!!

2003-03-12 .Catherine. Glaister.James.Lockyer’s.jr. & .Robert .Stewart

James Lockyer and job is when the police frame you for first degree murder is to protect the police and crowns involved!

James Lockyer will not get off my case!!!

Glenn McAllister has been my best friend since high school.  The only lawyer who has been their for me since day one.

After listening to the above recording Glenn wrote this “Open Letter” and forward it to 37 layers groups looking for help.

2003-04-29-Glenn-McAllister (Alb. lawyer)”Open letter”

The only lawyer to respond to the above letter explaining all my  problems on this case was James Lockyer complaining that McAllister was helping me. It proves my point on lawyers!

2007-02-27 Robert Stewart Outside Court Video

Globe & Mail -Front page- January 13, 2007

“Longest criminal trial thrown out”

“Two freed after more than a decade in jail”

The longest and most costly criminal trial in Canadian history was thrown out of court yesterday when a Superior Court of Ontario judge ruled that enormous trial delays, undisclosed Crown evidence and a cast of stunningly untrustworthy Crown witnesses drawn from the Eastern Ontario underworld had rendered the entire proceeding constitutional.

Referring to the entire case as being “without precedent” in Canadian legal history, Mr. Justice Colin McKinnon said that he was “compelling justified” in freeing Richard Trudel and James Sauvé after more than a dozen years spent behind bars.

By Kirk Makin, Ottawa

Longest criminal trial thrown out

Justice delayed and denied, judge decides

Globe & Mail

2oo7-01-13 – National Post – found on -


________________________________________________________________ 2007-01-17 – Globe & Mail – “After debacle lawyers plead for inquiry”

“These cases cry out for further inquiry into how four men could have been imprisoned for so long on the strength of a witness like Mr. Gaudreault,” said James Lockyer, a spokesman for the Association in Defence of the Wrongly Convicted.

“A judge appointed to conduct such an inquiry should consider curtailing the power of local Crown attorneys and recommending that outside police forces and prosecutors play a larger in venting and rejecting unsavory witness, ” he said.

“Unfortunately, individual prosecutors can become to bound up in their cases and are unable to exercise sensible judgment about using these kind of witnesses,” Mr. Lockyer said.

“How the same trial judge – Mr. Justice David McWilliam, of Ontario Superior Court – was permitted to preside over both the Trudel and Sauvé and the Mallory and Stewart trials. That was an extraordinary thing to happen,” Mr. Lockyer said. “He came into that second trial with all sorts of presumptions and biases in terms of legal issues and factual issues.”

Mark Ertel, president of the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa, said a public inquiry is necessary to flush out police and prosecutors who made ill-advised or irresponsible decisions.

He said that on of the prime culprits is an age-old practice whereby local Crown attorney offices operate with a great deal of autonomy.

“It goes back many, many years, and it doesn’t make sense any more,” Mr. Ertel said. “In this case, the local Crown’s office was determined to prosecute this no matter how bad the evidence got.  When you are that determined to prosecute something, you are susceptible to tunnel vision.”

“If the Crown is going to prosecute garage cases like this, then the Crown should have to pay for it,” Mr. Ertel suggested.

Louise Botham, president of the Criminal Lawyers Association said that successive inquiries into wrongful convictions have recommended that unsavoury witnesses be rigorously scrutinized or not used at all.

“The real issue here is why these steps weren’t followed in this case, when it seemed to scream out for that kind of scrutiny,” she said.

CLA vice-president Frank Addario added that, since police and prosecution authorities are obviously intent on continuing a “glacial” pace of reform, Parliament should step in and give appellate courts broader powers to throw out convictions, and not play into the hands of overzealous prosecutors by granting a retrial.

After debacle, lawyers plead for inquiry

By Kirk Makin, Justice Reporter

Who wrote:

________________________________________________________________ 2007-01-17 – Globe & Mail James Lockyer representing is telling all of Canada that the Crowns & Police on the case did not “exercise sensible judgment,” naming the protected witness “Denis Gaudreault” &       the judge “Justice David McWilliam.”

Parts of the above article  are found in the book: “Honouring social justice:” Honouring Dianne Martin – By Margaret E. Beare – Page 22 ________________________________________________________________ 

2007-02-14 – Globe & Mail - “Crown decides not to appeal stay order, ending longest trial in Canada’s history”

Crown decides not to appeal stay order, ending longest trial in Canada's history

2007-02-27 – Globe & Mail – “Crown quits 16-year attempt to get conviction in double slaying”

Crown quits 16-year attempt to get conviction in double slaying

Appeal court blast Crown in 15-year murder case

(The above link was removed by

2007-01-26 – Nine days later Stewart’s decision – Conviction quashed

Biggest wrongful conviction in Canadian history; 64 years combine time

Romeo Phillion (31 years) David Milgaard (21 years) Steven Truscott             (12 years) Guy Paul Morin (2 years) = 66 years combine time.

Two of the above cases had a “Public Inquiry.”

The waiting 9 years in jail to get to an unfair trial has to be looked into. _______________________________________________________________________ 2006-11-27 to 2006-12-01 – Stewart defended himself at the Ontario Court of Appeal  making the Globe & Mail. He had convinced writer Kirk Makin to come and watch, writing six articles on the “Cumberland Murders.”

Stewart asked the court how long would it take for him to have the proceeding transcripts to post them on the internet.

The Justice’s told him it would take about six weeks.

2006-11-28 – Stewart defending himself – Ontario Court of Appeal

2006-12-01 – Globe & Mail – “Patience frays in marathon appeal”

Patience frays in marathon appeal

2006-12-01 – Stewart’s final 15 minutes at the Ontario Court of Appeal

1997-01-23 – Main witness – Denis Gaudreault first 2 1/2 minutes; CTV National News - Telling all of Canada that  the police working this case should be charged and he would not testify unless he was paid more money Video

1997-06-08 - CTV national news Audio

2007-05-07 - Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa demanding  a “Public Inquiry” Letter

Transcripts of tape mention in above letter on this link: 2004-11-12 – Exhibit 41- Stewart affidavit – John Smallwood’s & Stewart’ 1999-05- 12 – Taped conversation

Ontario Attorney General’s office does not want a “Public Inquiry” into their 64 year & 30 million dollar screw-up!

2007-05-23 & 24 – Ottawa Sun – Public Inquiry

Stewart’s the first person in the history of Canada to successfully defend himself on first degree murder; has only been interviewed two times.

2007-02-27 – CTV news Ottawa – Live

2009-02-05 – Niagara this week – “Searching for justice”

Crown accused of 'treachery'

Crown accused of 'treachery'

1993-11-27 – Ottawa Citizen

“Crown accused of ‘treachery’”

Tell your friends about this website; because it effects all of us!

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