The Just Us System

The Canadian “Just Us” System, just us lawyers, police and press!

The Canadian lawyers oath!

1. To him or herself

2. To protect the Queen (crown)

3. Then the client

It’s a fact

When the police in Canada “frame” you for two counts first degree murder!

Their is no lawyer, group or association who will help!

I had to get out myself!

1990-12-19 – Arrested 2 x first degree murder

2000-02-01 – Convicted 2 x first degree murder

2006-11-27 to 2006-12-01 – Defended myself Ontario Court of Appeal.

I walk into court and said “that 30 defense lawyers conspired with police to frame the four of us for first degree murder.”

2007-02-27 – Let out of jail and all charges removed from our records.

Google “Robert Stewart Ottawa convicted” the next 13 websites are about:

“The longest and most costly criminal trial in Canadian history”.

“Canada’s biggest wrongful conviction 64 years combine time”

“Canada’s biggest on going lawyer and police cover up!”

2006-04-03 Ontario Court of Appeal – Stewart talking


This website has been going since the spring of 2003 and not one lawyer has

contacted me to complain about what I’m alleging, not one!

The main witness Denis Gaudreault was paid over 400,000.00 dollars before doing this video. The first 3 minutes CTV National News:

Denis Gaudreault is claiming on CTV news that his “Handlers” should be charged with crimes for allowing him to do crimes. His handler was Det. David Richerson of the Saanich BC, RCMP. So now I can’t report this crime to the RCMP because they are co-conspirators with the OPP in framing us four for these murders. W5 states that Mr. Gaudreault “maybe cut off Witness Protection for reporting the police criminal behaviours”. Please trust me on this, you do not bite the hand or handlers who feeds you. Denis at he time had already been kicked of WP as being unmanageable! The secret OPP internal investigation W5 is referring too is Denis giving the OPP a handgun the OPP were ordered to throw it into a lake never to be found.

Denis’ claims that the Saanich RCMP allowed him to do crimes crimes, that were never investigated! 32 million was spent on his allegation against us but not on me dime on his claims about the RCMP.

After Denis went on the CTV National News 21-01-1998 Judge Sedgwick ordering Denis Gaudreault to be paid case to testify

This website was created July 2003 by Douglas David Stewart who was chief engineer of all Canadian armed forces control towers until he retired at the age of 69.

He started this website after seeing the chart below. His words after seeing it where “they are all crooks!” Referring to the whole Ontario justice system! It’s a simple mistake, the main witness who was paid over 500,00 dollars basically told his sister the Jan. 23, 1990 Ottawa Citizen article including the mistake of where the woman body was found.  Covering up that “one” mistake!

Trial dates

05-11-1998 Ottawa Citizen

h There are about 1800 police officers on the Ottawa force. My case is OPP, Sgt. Anthony Costantini is the only officer in the whole Ottawa force with anything to do with my case.

His actions on my case caused Denis to change his story from a Red truck with two people to a white Cadillac and five people and adding Douglas’ mother.  Linda Beland the get away,get away driver!

My recording with him is found below!


27-04-2004 - Ottawa-Sun

17-01-2007-Globe& Mail

28-02-2007 Ottawa Citizen

Below are two phone calls that started the case against us.

Above is a chart of Denis’ information and the 23-01-1990 Ottawa Citizen.

Word for word including the mistake on where Manon’s body was found.

1990-02-05 Phone call Denis & Sylvie

1990-02-07 phone call #2 Denis Gaudreault & Sylvie Gravelle

James Lockyer of audio: 2008-03-28 Dixie Neumann & James Lockyer



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