Police toss gun in lake

“Det. Insp. Lyle MacCharles” was in charge of the “Cumberland Murders” and the “Julia Elliott” case.

MacCharles in the Cumberland murder case ordered that a “handgun” that was turned into them by the main witness “Denis Gaudreault” was to be thrown into the “Big Rideau Lake” without making any notes.

The gun was never found.

1998-11-09 Ottawa Sun - Veteran cop in gun toss probe
1998-11-09 – Ottawa Sun – Veteran cop in gun toss probe

1999-06-22 – Agreed Statement of Facts Gun Toss in lake

MacCharles testimony on the subject

1998-10-26 – Lyle Macchares Lead investigatior Elliott and Cumberland murders

In the Elliott case MacCharles had order officers to back date their notes.

In the Cumberland murders the lead detective “Heather Lamarche” just       “lost her note book” making it even easier.

“Justice Paul Cosgrove” was the judge on the Elliott case and was shocked with the going on when he looked into both cases and found that the crowns and police were behaving like a “bunch of crooks” and let her out of jail.

Justice McWillam put a pub a “Non-Publication Ban” on Cosgrove’s Findings that dealt with the Police and Crowns on the Cumberland murders.


What the Crowns & Police did was go the the Ontario Court of Appeal where their are “no court transcripts” and had everything thrown out and Cosgrove lost his job all done at the “secret” Ontario Court of Appeal!

That is why Stewart had what he told the three justice’s transcribed and put on the internet.

Justice Paul Cosgrove “Findings” on Julia Elliott

1999-09-07 – Justice Paul Cosgrove ruling Elliott

Also found at:


2003-12-04 – Julia Elliott – Ontario Court of Appeal decision


1998-01-09 – David Scott Q. C. brings a Ruling on Disqualification Motion to remove Justice David McWilliam.

Scott was Jean Chrétien’s (Prime Minister of Canada at the time) lawyer during the “Gomery Inquiry” and brought a motion to remove Gomery off his Inquiry.

The Crown’s and Police hired Scott to defend them on Cosgrove’s findings.

So Scott worked for Stewart for free and against Stewart for money!



Justice Paul Cosgrove lost his job later because he had called all the police and crowns who worked these two cases “a bunch of crooks.”



2009-04-06 – Law times

“Superior Court Justice Paul Cosgrove resigned late last week thus dodging the dubious distinction of possibly becoming the first judge in Canadian history to be voted out of office by Parliament.”


Newspapers on Julia Elliott

Judge says OPP 'trampled truth'; frees woman after 4 years in jail

Defuse this judicial bombshell

Justice Paul Cosgrove & Julia Elliott after the “secret” Ontario Court of Appeal lost his job and she was brought back to Canada.

2004-04-28 - Ottawa Sun
2004-04-28 – Ottawa Sun
2005-03-12 - Ottawa Citizen - Firing another lawyer
2005-03-12 – Ottawa Citizen – Firing another lawyer

2005-12-05 – Julia Elliott wrote Stewart on why she pleaded guilty to the murder.

2005-12-01 Julia Elliott letter to Stewart page 1
2005-12-01 – Julia Elliott letter to Stewart page 1
2005-12-01 Julia Elliott letter to Stewart page 2
2005-12-01 – Julia Elliott letter to Stewart page 2

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