Ontario Court of Appeal – Rulings

1997-01-23 – Denis Gaudreault the first 2 1/2 minutes CTV National news claiming that after receiving over 400,000 dollars; that he would not testify against Stewart unless he was paid more money.

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For the first time in Canadian history a witness was paid to  testify, not for his protection as the excuse for the other 400,000 give him.

See James Lockyer’s 198-05-13 letter to the Attorney General for the 400.000

1998-01-21 Judge Sedgwick ordering Denis Gaudreault to be paid case to testify

2004-01-30 – Sauvé & Trudel decision Ontario Court of Appeal -         Conviction quashed


2006-04-03 – Stewart bring an Application for direction

2006-04-03 Application for directions

2006-05-03 – Motion for Direction – Stewart’s talking – 75 minutes

2006-04-11 – Stewart’s Ontario Court of Appeal decision


2006-11-28 – Transcript of Robert Stewart representing himself at the Ontario Court of Appeal explaining his case against the police and crowns.

2006-11-28 Robert Stewart Ontario Court of Appeal

2007-01-26 – Stewart – decision - Conviction quashed & new trial


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