James Lockyer

1998-05-13 – James Lockyer’s letter to the Ontario Attorney General complaining about the Cumberland Murders investigation.


Five years later Stewart phone’s Mr. Lockyer up to talk to him because he is now his appeal lawyer.

Stewart gets into a heated discussion and Lockyer hangs up.

The next day Stewart phone’s Lockyer’s Jr. Cathrine Glaister & taped recorded her. She tells him that the Ontario Court of Appeal is a “secret court” because no transcripts are made of the proceeding.

2003-03-12 – Audio – Catherine Glaister & Robert Stewart (conflict started)

2003-03-14 – Stewart tries to fire James Lockyer; a few hours later Stewart’s son Douglas gets a sword put through his back and out his front at a bus stop in Ottawa. Douglas survived that attack but was murdered ten months later.

2003-03-14 MEMO C. Glaister to James Lockyer

2003-04-25- Globe & Mail – Paul Bernardo complaining about his ex-lawyer James Lockyer

2003-04-25 – Globe & Mail – Court sets limits on Bernardo

2003-04-29 -Letter posted by Albt. lawyer Glenn McAllister

2003-08-03 – Stewart’s fax to Lockyer telling him to get off the case Fax

2004-08-14 – Globe & Mail -  Hurricane quits www.aidwyc.org

Hurricane bows out over board dispute

Lawyer’s letters

James Lockyer & Glen McAlister Letters

2004-01-22 – James Lockyer complaining about Stewart to Legal Aid.

He has a silly webiste called kangaroojustice.com

2004-02-09 – Stewart’s reply to Lockyer’s complaint Letter

Lawyers Louis Strezos and Crown Scott Hutchison are business partners

Stewart told the Ontario Court of Appeal that he did not trust any Ontario lawyer so the court appointed 3 lawyers to assist. Stewart found out later that one of the lawyers Louis Strezos and Crown Scott Hutchison are business partners. Small-world!

2004-02-18 – Douglas Stewart murdered

2007-04-02 – Letter from James Lockyer Letter

2003-05-21 – Letter from Susan Mulligan -Stewart’s trial lawyer and James Lockyer’s partner Letter

Mulligan now works as a Crown in Calgary Alb.


1999-06-08 – Stewart’s & Linda Beland’s taped call that went missing Audio

2004-07-19 Lou Strozos transcipt of Beland’s missing tape

2003-06-25 – Letter Ontario Court of Appeal – Mr. John Krompkamp Letter

2003-07-15 – Stewart’s complaint to the Legal Aid Ontario about James Lockyer because he would not get off the case; sums up the problems.

www.aidwyc.org board of directors


Their lawyers can’t help the “Cumberland four” because the case is  “Too Big”

Letters from aidwyc.org lawyers

2007-10-15 Stewart’s complaint James Lockyer LSUC

2009-03-07 – Wrongly convicted 09 at York U in Toronto. Stewart bought a 25.00 ticket and when to the conference when James Lockyer arrived late and seen him. Lockyer leaves and has security escort Stewart outside by the back door and into the rail.


All this was recorded on audio tape Audio my ongoing battle with James Lockyer

A conversation with James Lockyer on why he can not help the Cumberland Four is because Robert Stewart fired him.

Are we not innocent!

2008-03-28 Dixie Neumann &  James Lockyer

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